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We want to help customers purchase the RIGHT property with 100% transparency and 0% hassle. This is why we work with only a handful of top real estate developers who have the reputation of delivering quality projects, on-time. When it comes to properties, we sell only those wherein we are sure of putting in our own cash. Our recommended properties are appropriate for legal standing, offer, and developer execution.

With high morals and work ethics, JDC has earned itself many awards and accomplishments over the decade and has established itself as a brand in real estate consultation.


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Investment Advisory

We have a team of investment advisors to help you decide the right investment of your money. The advisors at JDC check and evaluate the plan, as per the requirements. To make investment advisory a more holistic solution, we offer wealth management, growth, savings and budgeting, and other services.


Corporate Leasing

JDC has extensive experience and capabilities when it comes to commercial leasing services. We have assisted clients with the leasing of office spaces in prime and subprime business locations in Delhi/NCR.


Retail Leasing

We know that finding the right location for a retail outlet isnt easy. The whole experience from deciding a budget to checking out competitors to negotiating lease terms could be overwhelming. JDC has a team of experts to help brands expand themselves.


Land Acquisition

From acquiring private land for industrialization to infrastructure development, we do it all. JDC has helped many renowned names with land acquisition. We know what it takes to get you a better and a profitable deal.

Research and Valuation of Property

Our property valuation doesnt only involve analysis of the property at present, we consider if the property is worth investment from the future perspective. JDC does research and valuation of commercial, residential and agricultural land. 

Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra cannot be overlooked when you are buying or developing a property. It is a traditional Indian system of architecture that describes the principles of layout, design, measurements, space arrangement, ground preparation and spatial geometry. When you need help with Vaastu Shastra, you have the experts at JDC.




Loan Assistance

Need help with getting loan for your new purchase? JDC offers loan assistance to help you find the right loan for you. Our work doesnt end here. We will help you settle in the newly bought property once you get the keys.


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"Research and risk evaluation is the backbone of our real estate investments. We invest in projects keeping a long-term goal in mind while focusing on absolute returns rather than relative ones. We help you make decisions and invest in the right projects that benefit you in the long run."


JDC is a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts who bring the best to the table. We assist clients by providing them with the right guidance to invest in the right property.



Giving an unparalleled experience to every customer is what JDC strives for. Our advice and after-sales support are unmatched, giving us more credibility and adding more trustworthiness.



Our customers are our assets. We believe in working together with them to ensure all our customers go back with a delightful experience.


JDC is a RERA registered company. So, choosing us simply means making the safest and smartest bet towards planning a secure future.



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